Semita de Piña

A light whole wheat pastry lightly seasoned with cinnamon wraps freshly made pineapple jam and is baked until crisp. This is one of El Salvador’s national culinary treasures.

This recipe for Semita was passed down to me from my grandmother, Ester, who got it from her mother, Alejandra. It was my great grandmother who originally added whole wheat flour to the typical white flour that this recipe was originally made with. The whole wheat adds a great texture to the dough and it gets especially crisp.

At our bakery in El Salvador, we made our own pineapple jam in a large copper pot over a wood fire. The pineapples came from a farmer nearby and the sugar we used – cane sugar – was also produced in El Salvador. The jam was stewed for hours and hours and as a little girl, I loved walking outside and smelling the pineapple as it caramelized. My father would never let me get too close to the fire but it almost always smelled like pineapple.

Baking in San Francisco, I can’t build a wood burning fire for my jam but I do make it from scratch and every time I mix a batch of dough for Semita, I think of my grandmother.


Giustos Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Giustos Organic All Purpose Flour, Giustos Turbinado Sugar, Cage Free Eggs, House Made Pineapple Preserves (Pineapple, Turbinado Sugar) , Unsalted Clover Natural Butter, Dry Yeast, Kosher Salt

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